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Have you ever gotten something new and had no place for it because you were overflowing with old things? Do you want to attract something new, physical or otherwise, into your life but feel that there is something blocking your way? Are you moving and want to start fresh in your new place?

It is a spiritual law that if you want to attract something into your life, you must first allow space for it. When your physical surroundings or energy field are so cluttered and chaotic that you barely have room for what you have, it can feel almost impossible to allow enough space for something new to come in. When you don’t have the skills to make the change or feel overwhelmed at the thought of even starting because the task seems too big, I can help.

Clear Space is a unique home organizing business for people who want more than just a physical clearing of their space. Even after a person’s physical space moves from chaos to order, the space often retains a stagnation of energy that also requires clearing. In addition, just organizing a room does not address the psychological and energetic patterns within the person that led the space to become disorganized in the first place.

Clear Space uses a three step process to clear your space and your life.

  1. First the space is organized, whether it is a room, office, or whole house. This is done with your input, assistance, and, as much as possible, using existing resources.

  2. During this time I work with you to examine and release the patterns, habits, and emotions that come up and have contributed to the disorganized state. I also help you to develop systems to maintain an ordered state.Using cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques I help you rid yourself of old patterns and work toward developing new habits to maintain and better integrate into your newly cleared space.

  3. The final step is to energetically clear the space. This is done through a combination of aroma, sound, and energy techniques. I will also teach you how to do this yourself to maintain the space.

If you are moving locally, I can also help you set up in your new house or office.

All work is individualized and is tailored to fit with individual needs. It is your choice as to whether or not you want to work on the patterns or just have your space organized.

No job is too small or too big.

I work valley wide throughout the greater Phoenix metropolitan area and can travel further if desired.

Your satisfaction is my goal and I offer referral incentives for sharing our success with others.

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